assistenza SGAT

Service Software

Complete visibility on the customers’ installed base and on service interventions.

  • Solution for the integration between the Headquarter and the engineers.
  • Innovative system for technical assistance handling that takes full advantage of the potential offered by the Internet.
  • Hardware independent (PC, notebook, PDAs, …, connected to the Internet), it can automatically send SMS or e-mails to the engineers.
  • Handles customer calls, regardless their type, area of origin and progress status.
  • Easy to learn, allows quick assignment of incoming calls to engineers, even by untrained personnel.
  • Manages all the information needed for call dispatching (priority, urgency, warranties, contracts, price lists, configurations).
  • Allows continuous traceability of the products being repaired.
  • Interfaces any Company ERP.
  • Handles installers and engineers and their skills.
  • Manages materials: Engineers’ stocks, mobile warehouses, spare parts, …
  • Plans new installations, scheduled maintenances, certifications and final testing.
  • Integrates GPS and maps as to display the location of engineers and customers, thus optimizing routes.
  • It provides a synchronized off-line version for use in poor connectivity areas.