multipick software gestione raccolta ordini app tablet ipad Multipick

Sales force automation, Sales activities and Order collection

The smart software to increase orders and sales

To increase the sales force performance in order collection, either with the App for iPad, or with PC and Web

Order collection, Sales activities, CRM

  • Comprehensive and flexible solution for Customer Relationship and sales force management.
  • The complete and integrated management of all sales activities to the different corporate levels: headquarters, subsidiaries, area managers, zone managers, agents, stores, outlying deposits.
  • Innovative system for handling of any order / commercial offer that takes full advantage of the potential offered by the Internet.
  • The sales network can access both the web user interface (where the main database is always immediately available) and the standalone one on PC or iPad.
  • Modular, can be configured at different levels of functionalities and enabling.

Quick to learn, is used by engineers regardless their geographic distribution and used tools.

  • Manages all aspects of a sales negotiation (customer information, contacts history, accounting position and exposure, sales campaigns, discounts and facilities, forecasts and actual sales, business visits …) also for complex organizations and products.
  • The innovative tools developed for Multipick, applied to every single customer’s data, suggest sales people the best strategy to adopt during order composition, in order to help them increase sales orders or acquire new customers.
  • The possibility to manage sales campaigns and selling conditions allows the company to establish the rules and obtain a perfectly monitored order in line with corporate commercial policies.
  • Allows the rationalization of the sales network and the activities planning.
  • Removes the circulation of paper documents except those required for tax purposes.
  • Interfaces any Company ERP.
  • It can be used in ASP, with a drastic reduction of investment required for purchase and customizations.
  • Integrates GPS and maps as to display the location of customers, to size the sales areas and to optimize engineers routes.


Multipick has been developed focusing on system performance so that significant hardware resources are not required.