Volos Informatica

Volos offers comprehensive and targeted services, customizable modules with no restrictions nor limits.

Since 1986, Volos Informatica turns ideas and innovative needs of its customers – major Italian and multinational companies that for years rely on a competent, proactive and reliable partner – into solutions.

Our great experience in the most diverse and complex realities, often working for market leading companies, allows us to be innovative and proactive, as well as quick and effective.
The attention for user’s operations allows us to create software systems with an exceptional practicality, reliability and ease to use.

Our customers, that demand a strong focus for their needs and suggestions, made us move forward in a working method and a staff training that, thanks to a practical, flexible and dynamic attitude, always achieves the goals of new solutions.

Our target market are the companies looking for customized solutions, modular and scalable, from simple to highly complex, 100% adaptable to the existing information systems, hardware and communication independent, extremely reliable, user friendly and with limited and definite costs, proportionated to usage and without having to undergo market standard solutions.
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